Kong (COMBO) High Score Save Kit -- Plus Extras!

This is a special combination version of the Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior High Score save kits on a single daughtercard. It is NOT A MULTIGAME. It is simply a double sized kit that contains both the DK and DKjr high score save kits combined into one kit whereby you set a jumper to select which boardset the kit is installed into.

This was the original version of the kit when it was released in 2000. Since then I have migrated to DK and Dkjr specific kits. However, I still occasionally get requests for the original combo kit in this form whereby some customers own both boardsets and want to be able to move the kit from one boardset to another boardset.

So this kit is offered by special request only. There is no additional charge for this version, however, allow a couple of extra days for this special version of the kit to be assembled. When requesting this kit, please make sure you clearly indicate that you want the "DK/DKjr COMBO high score save kit".

I also have another combo kit option which is a 2-bank system with the older DK version that allows the ladder cheat and the more common version that does not allow the ladder cheat. There is only ONE high score table shared by BOTH games in this DK configuration.

For further documentation, please consult the specific Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong Junior kit pages.

There is a small blue jumper on the kit. This jumper selects either the DK or DKjr bank of the doubled up eprom. When the jumper is between A-B, this selects DK. When the jumper is between B-C, this selects DKjr. If no jumper is installed, same as B-C, selects DKjr. If you are to convert this kit to D2K Jumpman Returns, then remove the jumper.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Junior

If the game does not come up, turn power off immediately, double check your work, and read over the trouble shooting section.

Pricing and Availability

All braze High Score Save kits are only $29. See my main arcade page for purchase information.

Please read over the installation instructions BEFORE ORDERING!.