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Braze Technologies   --   last updated 12/04/2023

* * * Braze Technologies CLOSED PERMANENTLY on December 4th, 2023 * * *

* * I will not have any access to email or internet in December - See you in 2024 * *

* Any payments received will be refunded in 2024 *

The following original webpage is for temporary reference only

For 25 years, Braze Technologies has been designing and manufacturing add-on high score save kits and multigames for classic arcade games. Proven high quality designs that have survived the test of time and have set the standard.

Designed for the true collector. Braze kits pay the utmost attention to detail. Striving to be as invisible as possible thus providing an authentic gameplay experience including the original classic game copyrights. Unlike later replications, Braze kits have no website adds plastered over the screens.

All High Score Save kits $29    Multigames as low as $49  

Please specify in the paypal notes the kits ordered and the shipping address.
USA shipping is flat rate of $7 per order.

I only ship to USA address

6502 HS kits are SOLD OUT!

$29   6502 High Score Save kits:
Asteroids   SOLD OUT
Battlezone   SOLD OUT
Redbaron   SOLD OUT

Z80 HS kits are SOLD OUT!

$29   z80 High Score Save kits:
Congo Bongo   SOLD OUT
Donkey Kong   SOLD OUT
Donkey Kong Junior   SOLD OUT
DK/DKjr "combo" (jumper selectable)   SOLD OUT
DK / DK ladder cheat "combo" (jumper selectable)   SOLD OUT
D2K Jumpman Returns - adds 4 more levels to DK   SOLD OUT
Donkey Kong 3   SOLD OUT
Frogger (sega gremlin/konami)   SOLD OUT
Mario Bros.   SOLD OUT
Popeye   SOLD OUT
Zaxxon   SOLD OUT

Missile Command / Super Missile Attack   SOLD OUT   $49
Space Invaders Multigame   SOLD OUT   $49
Multipede - Millipede / Centipede Multigame       SOLD OUT   $59
Asteroids Deluxe Multigame for Asteroids Deluxe   SOLD OUT   $59
Asteroids Multigame (without required pokey)   SOLD OUT   $69
Asteroids Multigame (WITH POKEY)   SOLD OUT

USA shipping is flat rate of $7 per order

Paypal Only arcade@brasington.org     Member since 1998.
shortcut: https://paypal.com/paypalme/scottbrasington1

Bonus: FREE GIFT (while supplies last - no guarantees)   SOLD OUT   for any order which uses PayPal Friends and Family. Please make sure you send me your shipping address in the paypal notes.

Note: All high score save kits and multigames serve dual purpose as a CPU ROM SAVER. This can be especially valuable for those boards with flaky sockets, hard-wired strapping options, and eproms that are difficult to find and program (think Space Invaders, Battlezone, Missile Command, Donkey Kong).

Coming soon, All braze kit designs will be "Open Source". This will include the hardware designs, game software enhancements, tools, etc. eg: schematics, pcb layouts, gerber files, programmable logic files, annotated game disassembly, game patches, new software added to the games, tools for assembly, disassembly, patching, etc. I am about 60% complete with phase 1. If you have any interest in contributing please contact me.