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Braze Technologies

Braze Technologies is CLOSED until July 10th

Braze Technologies is CLOSED until July 10th

Braze Technologies is CLOSED until July 10th

I'm back open for business after a longer than expected move and exhausting house renovations. I'm building up an inventory of kits as fast as I can. Expect a few days delay on any orders. Thanks for hanging in there.

These sources may have limited quanities of my products: or

Braze Technologies is CLOSED until July 10th

Braze Technologies is CLOSED until July 10th

Braze Technologies is CLOSED until July 10th

Welcome to Braze Technologies.

All kits double as cpu ROM SAVERS and are loaded with features.

One $5 shipping charge covers your entire order (USA). Shipped USPS priority mail in the small flat rate box.

Free super saver shipping (USA). Alternatively FREE First Class shipping (USA only) is available any high score save kit and for the Space Invaders and Missile Command Multigames. Kit will be packed in a small bubble mailer (not a box). This option is only available for the single board kits and is not available for Multipede.

International shipping is available starting at $25. (Sorry guys USPS keeps raising it prices - Contact me before placing your order).

I'm back! Well I was never gone entirely. During my long break I continued to build my all products in bulk for my two main suppliers and Both of them have done a fanstastic job in keeping them available. Thank you Steven and Mike for your great service over the years. I also still responded to email questions and continued to support all of my products, some of which are now 10 years old! So behind the scenes I was still active when needed.

Its been 5 long years since my last major product release and closing in on 6 years since the first prototype Asteroids Mulitgame kits were shipped out for beta testing. I know many of you are very interested in the status, the plan, whats holding things up, and when it will be available. Tell me! Tell me! Unfortunatley things do not always go as planned, as you have witnessed, or this product would have been released back in 2005. I apologize for the long delay as it has been primarily personal family issues and lack of motivation that have prevented me from finishing it. The hardware was completed in 2004 and the technical issues have been small in nature. The software has churned way more than I expected. I have created a status page where I will post updates about the multigame progess. On the status page you can sign up to be on a notification list.

Other things on my agenda include an extensive revamp of my webpages with more content, easier navigation, more articles and technical information intermixed with a splash of personal arcade experiences. Keep checking back for updates.

I also have anywhere from 150 to 250 game boards stored away which I have accumlated over the last 12 years that I want to sell. As I have time I will be cataloging what I have, the condition, etc. My guess is most of the boards are in some need of repair. I will be looking for buyers interested in buying multiple boards at one time. These boards are mainly for games that match with my products such as donkey kong, space invaders, mario bros, popeye, frogger, zaxxon, asteroids, millipede, ... you get the idea. I have only a few jamma boards. For some game types I may have as many as 20 sets of one kind. I want to trim my inventory to just a few working boards of each type which I use for product testing and development. If you think you might be interested in purchasing boards in bulk shoot me an email.

In closing I'm looking forward to returning to the day to day arcade work and creating some new products while finishing up others. Again, I thank you for your support over the years.


Scott Brasington